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Our Concord garage door company is providing garage door services since the year 2010. The company, started by one of the best garage door experts in North Carolina, now has a large team of technicians.

Our technicians are acquainted with all types of garage door services. They have experience conducting garage door repair and replacement for houses, commercial buildings, and even large industries. Therefore, whatever your need is, we got the solution to fulfill it for sure.

To reach us, the only effort you need to make is to call us on 704-438-9600. We will make sure to provide an immediate appointment and deliver fast service.

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Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door installation

Our garage door company offers all types of garage door installations. Whether you need a garage door made of aluminum, steel, or composite material, you can contact us for sure. We also create custom designs for our customers. Therefore, you only need to tell us what design you want, and we will create the best one. It is also possible to include glass panels on the top or bottom to enhance your home's aesthetic value. After we provide you with our service, your home with stand out with a charm that no other building holds. If you want us to set up the entire garage door assembly, we can do that too.

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener is one of the most complex parts in the garage door assembly. We are acquainted with all its parts and know the general issues that people face. If your garage door opener is causing trouble in raising and lowering the garage door, call us right away on 704-438-9600 for an immediate solution. We work with all types of garage door openers, whether it is chain drive or belt drive. Also, there are chances that the repair is not possible in all cases. For such instances, we need to go for replacement.

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage Door Opener Installation

If you have a new building with a new garage door that requires garage door opener installation, it is the best service. Even if you already have a garage door present, but it’s demanding installing a new garage door opener, you can reach us. We not only do the garage door installation but also check the other parts to make sure that the alignment is correct. After the installation is complete, we go for the review. During the review, we move the garage door and ensure it’s as per the expectation. Therefore, when you reach us, we guarantee customer satisfaction by delivering the best garage door services.

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door springs replacement

Garage door springs play an important role in bearing the garage door load. Spring replacement is one of the prominent garage door services. Here, we don’t just make the replacement without checking the assembly. We first check the spring condition and then make the conclusion. In some cases, you might find that only the alignment is wrong, and one can fix this by reassembling the system. However, when your spring has rusting and loosening issues, it is necessary to replace it. If you don’t replace the spring on time, the garage door can break without warning, leading to more damage and cause serious injuries.

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door panels replacement

In the long run, you experience some cracks or damages on your panel. It could be because of several reasons. When the weather condition is harsh, panels usually degrade fast. Besides that, it might have got hit by anything or experienced continuous operation, which made panels weak. We do the garage door repair by removing the previous panels and installing the new ones. With such precision, no one will ever detect that they were not an integral part of the garage door. The new garage door panels exactly match the design and material composite. If there are multiple issues with garage door panels, we would recommend replacing the entire garage door.

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door cable repair and replacement

Garage door cable repair and replacement are necessary. If that’s not done with time, the entire assembly can experience more damage which will eventually cost more. The garage door company offers an exclusive service for cable repair and replacement. We check all the cables and identify the possibility of repairing them. When you go for repair, there are chances that issues will arise again because cables will become weak. That’s why we would suggest moving to the best quality cables replacement for once, and the problem will be sorted for the long term.

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door rollers replacement

Garage door rollers facilitate the smooth movement of the garage door. When they complete their service period, it won’t be possible to move the garage door. That’s why changing them becomes necessary. We provide the best solutions which work for the long-term and cause the least noise. These garage door rollers are made of nylon and steel composite that guarantees high load-bearing capacity and a long service span.

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door track replacement

The garage door track is the assembly part on which the garage door rollers move to raise or lower the door. If the track encounters issues, there will be a hindrance in the garage door track's motion. That’s why we would suggest an immediate inspection. After you call us on 704-438-9600, our executives will reach your place and check the tracks. There could be a possibility of repair work. We will only know that after removing the track from the assembly. If repair is possible, we will do it. If not, we will suggest the best garage door tracks for replacement as per your budget and requirements.

Know About Concord Garage Doors

Concord Garage Doors, the garage door company, has pledged to provide services to all the customers in Concord city. That’s why when you approach us, you will never get NO as an answer.

We will consult issues with our team members and work to identify the best ways to eliminate the problems. The technicians strive to provide quality service that ensures the job gets done how the customers expect.

Similarly, our customer support and service department also make sure that clients don’t need to make efforts to get the service benefits. You can easily initiate the communication with a call- 704-438-9600 and obtain the best customer experience.

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What make us different from other Garage Door Contractor Concord

We Provide Service To All Areas And Don’t Limit Our Reach Like Other Garage Door Companies.
We Offer Affordable Prices And Quality Service At The Same Time Because, Unlike Other Companies, We Don’t Prioritize Profit Margins.
All Our Technicians Have Licenses And Experience, Which Makes It True That There Is No Match In Concord, NC, For Our Employees.
We Don’t Keep You Wait For Days As We Believe In Delivering Immediate Service That Solves Customers' Issues In A Shorter Span.
We Don’t Provide Limited Services; When You Reach Us, You Get The Opportunity Of Solving All Garage Door Issues In One Place.


If you look at my garage door design and manufacturing, it’s exceptional. Such precision and quality that never expected. After taking the Concord Garage Doors services, my home now appears more captivating than ever. Also, the quality of garage door material is satisfactory.
My garage door got stuck in the middle, and I had no idea what to do. I called Concord Garage Doors, and their technicians came within a few minutes. They checked the door, explained to me the problem. I thought it would cost me a fortune, but it was done at such a low price that I only recommend them for garage door services.
It was a late night, and I was not expecting anyone to come and fix my garage door panels. It was broken, and I was required to visit another city. I could not leave the garage in such a condition as there could be security issues. I thought to call Concord garage doors, and guess what? They came and fixed it right away. They took care of all my worries.

Are you looking for a garage door installation expert who can get the job done on time? Trust the team of Concord Garage Doors.

Our customer service team is waiting for your call. They are ready to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Wherever you are located in Concord, NC, we can send technicians there. They will conduct an inspection and provide designing, manufacturing, and service quotations. You are just one phone call away to get done with all your garage door requirements- 704-438-9600.

We offer services where quality meets the experience

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