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Garage door cables play an important role in the functioning of garage doors. It is connected with the garage doors’ torsion springs at both sides of the in the bottom part.

The primary usage of garage door cable to facilitate raising and lowering of the garage door. When there are issues in the cable, you will find that the movement becomes uneven. The garage door could be at higher level from one end in comparison to another side.

It can even break the garage door opener or the garage door itself. Besides that, there can be a case of garage door snapped cable. At that time, it is advisable not to operate the garage door to avoid more damage. When you face such issues, call the professionals like us and get them solved. We are always present for our customers to help them immediately. Customers only need to make the effort of reaching us: 704-438-9600, and the job will get done within no time.

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Concord Garage door cable repair service

Repairing garage door cables is not possible in most cases. Once a garage door cable snaps, it is better to replace garage door cables. That’s because once a cable breaks, there are chances that it might break again.

However, if there are issues that we can fix, we always try to go for repair. When choosing repair, you don’t need to pay for material costs most of the time as there are no new cables involved. We just fix the present ones, and the job’s done.

garage door cable repair replacement concord nc

What are the types of garage door cables we provide for replacement?

There are mainly two types of garage door cables with which we work. However, we provide a replacement for almost all types of cables. Let us provide you with a brief about the cables. Besides these cables, if you prefer any other one, we can discuss and conclude the best option for you.

7 X 7 Garage Door Cables

These cables have seven wires per strand which allow the movement of the garage door. We need to attach it to the bottom of the garage door. The immense tension experience is distributed amongst the seven strands. These cables are beneficial for short-term use as you can obtain them at a low cost.

7 X 19, 1/8” Garage Door Cables

We prefer to use this one for long-term usage as it has 19 wires in each strand. Due to these many wires, its load distribution makes it easy to bear the tension. These wires can work for years and are proven to withstand 10,000 garage door movements.

Garage door cable replacement services?

For garage door cable replacement, we need to first inspect the garage door and its parts.

We go through the cable doors and learn about their condition. It helps us to detect the fault before starting with the execution of garage door cable replacement.

After the inspection, we provide the quotation for replacement. We know that such issues might lead to injuries. That’s why you can expect an immediate replacement for sure.

Why choose Concord Garage Doors to replace garage door cable?

Freedom to choose cables as per the needs

As mentioned above, there are multiple cable types serving different needs and having different benefits. We will be there to provide the best suggestions for your building’s garage door cables. You can decide and even suggest us if you are aware of any other cable type of another brand you find suitable. We will do our research and find if the cable type is perfect for your garage doors or not.

On-time service as per the appointment

We offer services in each area

Many times, customers don’t have professional garage door cable replacement service in their area. That time, they have a problem in finding out service providers who can visit their place. Please note that we serve all areas of Concord, NC. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the location. Just make a call, and we will be there to provide you garage door cable replacement service. Even if your home or commercial building is located in a remote location, do not hesitate to reach us by calling on- 704-438-9600.

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Garage Door Cable Replacement- Frequently Asked Questions

Do we follow COVID-19 precautions during the services?

COVID-19 worries owners when taking home services such as garage door cable replacement. We understand that you do not wish to be in contact with our technicians. That’s why we maintain utmost social distancing while providing the service. Our Concord Garage Door company has instructed all its technicians to wear masks and use sanitizers regularly for their and customers’ safety.

How are our technicians exceptional in Concord, NC?

When it comes to professionalism, there is no match for our technicians in the whole town. That’s because they are performing garage door cable replacement for years or even decades. Besides that, they own a license to conduct this service. Hence, you can trust their skills and expect to get the best work.

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