Garage Door Keypad Not Working: Solutions to Get It Fixed

Posted on May 31, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
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You might consider your garage space where you keep all of your dusty and dirty items, but in reality, it's much more than that. Your garage is not only home to your car but also contains other essential items like lawn equipment and storage boxes.

A keypad is one of the sleekest and most beneficial parts of a garage door setup. This keypad can provide safety with its access codes and make life more convenient by providing an extra method to enter your home through the garage.

With a non-working garage door keypad, your garage's versatility dives. You'll find yourself going in and out less frequently and using it for fewer purposes.

Reasons For Garage Door Keypad not Working?

It is important to be aware of potential problems with your garage door keypad. If you input the code and there's no response, don't panic immediately. It may not work because of a problem with the keypad rather than the garage opener.

When your garage door keypad has stopped working, there are a few causes that might be responsible. The good news is: most of these issues can be resolved without using professional garage door repair services. However, professionals should check some of them before taking any action yourself – read on for more in-depth information.

There are a variety of reasons why keypads stop functioning for garage doors. Find out the most common causes and how to fix them below.

Dead batteries

When was the last time you changed your battery in the keypad? Batteries are what make the keypad work, so if it has been a while, then that might be why it's giving you trouble. Keypads do not provide any warning when they reach low levels of power, so never let your batteries get too down before replacing them with new ones.

Is it blinking or not responding at all? If a blinking light is present, but nothing else happens, the issue could be with other areas like bad wiring lines or loose wire connections. Otherwise, there may be an issue with the battery itself and therefore should be replaced right away to fix for good.

Damaged wires

If the keypad on your garage door does not seem to be working even after changing the battery, you may want to check the wiring. One explanation for this would be damage in one of your wires due to wear and tear or weather conditions.

First, remove the keypad and check to see if the wires are correctly connected. If not, then reattach them accordingly and try using the keypad again. If that does not work, we recommend contacting a garage door repair specialist for help with this issue.

The keypad is unresponsive.

If none of the above work out, there may be a problem with your buttons. One way to check this is to put in a random four-digit code. This code should not have any digits that are in your sequence--if it does, you need to replace the keys.

Another potential cause may be debris underneath and around your keypad. This can also make some keys fail over time, and you will need replacement parts if this happens. Try clearing away anything caught under or near the keypad first, but if not successful, try replacing these pieces to install a new keypad door opener kit!

Old keypad

Garage door keypads are placed outside and can only work for about ten years due to environmental conditions, so it is possible that the issue has to do with how old the system you have is. Look for cracks or loose keys on your keypad, as this could indicate it needs repair or replacement.

If all the door's components are in good working order except for the keypad, you should consider replacing it. Garage door specialists can advise the type quickly to buy and install it for you if needed for a reasonable price. There are cases where an old keypad will work again after repair but only under certain conditions, such as when repairing is perfect. If not working at all, then your option is to buy a new one – advice on types available from experts glad to help at any time.

Malfunctioning code

If your keypad on your garage door isn’t working, there may be a malfunction in the code. Several things can cause the security code to stop functioning correctly.

One reason why the garage door keypad will not work is that you may have to reprogram it after replacing batteries. In addition, the keypad may malfunction because it's old and cannot recognize commands. You are also more likely to come across displaced or mistyped numbers that interfere with security code input.

If your keypad isn't responsive or functioning, you should reprogram it. Programming instructions will vary by model of opener and model of the keypad, but the manuals should provide some guidance that can be applied to different models. All you have to do is find and press the 'learn' button on your opener. This usually takes only a few minutes.

If you have difficulty programming your keypad, check the manual. If you still cannot find a solution and the keypad refuses to work at all, contact an expert to ask for help.

Stuck keys

The spaces between buttons can accumulate dirt, which can make the keys stick together. This may be wrong with your garage door opener if it isn’t responding to input commands correctly.

To fix keys sticking together, you need to clean both the outside and inside surfaces. To clean on the inside, use a soft brush or compressed air.

Incorrect PIN

If you can't remember the security code for your garage door opener, avoid inputting it multiple times. Once you use the security code a certain number of times, entry to the hardware will be disabled. This is a safety measure and is similar to credit cards.

If you are unable to remember the keypad code, create a new one by pressing the learn button. Resetting takes about 3 minutes, and your remote should operate normally again after entering the new code.

If your garage opener does not respond to a new security code, you may need to reboot the system to work correctly. This can be done by switching off the opener for 5 minutes before plugging back in and restarting the process.

If the keypad repeatedly fails to reprogram after reboot, you may need professional help. An installer might be required to install a new keypad or replace the system altogether.


Garage door keypads may stop functioning for several reasons. Dead batteries or stuck buttons are problems that can be resolved independently. However, if the wire disconnection is disrupted, it becomes an even more excellent task to fix - in these cases, we recommend contacting the garage door specialist for assistance.

You can reboot your system without being an expert. If troubleshooting doesn't help, call in a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. Give Concord Garage Doors a call for any issues with your keypad--we offer installation, maintenance, or repair service.