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Concord Garage Doors is a premium garage doors services provider company with all the answers to your garage door requirements. One such requirement could be garage door opener installation. When you approach us, the benefit resides in the professionalism, variety of products, and experience.

There are several garage door opener types. Depending upon the type of building, budget, and costs, the selection takes place. We can provide you with several options during our initial discussion, and you can select the best one that fits your requirement. For having a discussion, you can always call us on 704-438-9600, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Our garage door openers Installation Service

We deal with multiple types of garage doors ranging from manual to completely automated. We only select the best quality garage door openers. We can discuss or suggest the garage door openers according to which we will perform the garage door opener installation.

The types of garage door openers we usually install:

  • Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Besides that, if there is any other garage door that you prefer, let us know, and we will do the installation accordingly.

Before getting started, we remove the previous garage door opener along with locks and wiring. It is also necessary for us to make sure that the garage door is balanced. For us, your safety is the priority. If not balanced, you can check our garage door spring replacement service.

garage door opener installation concord nc

We do the complete assembly of the garage door opener during the installation. After our service, you will get the smooth movement and perfect installation for your garage door opener.

If you have an existing garage door opener that requires repair, you can contact us. Our skilled technician will visit your place, find out the issues, and repair the garage door opener within no time.

What is the process we follow for garage door opener installation?


Initial Communication for Defining Requirements

Simply make a call on 704-438-9600 and find out how our consultants can help you select the best garage door opener installation. Tell them the requirements, and if you feel convinced, we can schedule a visit for inspection and knowing the exact dimensions.


Inspection and Dimension Calculation

The on-premise inspection provides us a better understanding of infrastructure and garage opener installation needs. On the basis of our inspection, we select the perfect garage door opener for you. We also discuss if there are any additional needs.


Finding the Suitable Garage Door Opener

Before getting started with the design, we finalize the garage door opener that would be perfect for installation at your place.


Garage Door Opener Installation

The garage door opener installation isn’t an easy task. It depends on the type of garage door opener you select. The installation is as per the design, performed under the guidance of senior technicians.


Rechecking of Garage Door Opener Installed

After the completion of the job, we check the garage door opener installation by using it. You can also check the movement and let us know if you face any issues. We will correct them at the same time to deliver the best quality installation.

Why are we the best Concord garage door installers?

Licensed Garage Door Technicians

Our garage door technicians are performing garage door opener installation for decades. They have gone through thorough theoretical as well as practical training that provided them with a complete understanding of garage door and garage door services. They also own government authorization for conducting the garage door services.

Trusted Garage Door Services Provider

Quality Assurance for All Services

Quality assurance is essential. Otherwise, the garage door opener won’t function properly for the long term. We only use certified garage door openers. Besides that, we install the best quality tool and techniques. Therefore, each aspect of our service guarantees quality assurance.


Minimal Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

Costing is one of the major factors of selecting garage door openers. That’s why we keep all types of garage door openers having varied prices as per the budget. You can select from the wide range with a cost that no other Concord garage door companies offer. Besides that, our service charges and transportation costs are lower than the other businesses in the town. You can communicate with us, and we will send you a quotation right away.

Garage door opener installation- frequently asked questions

What’s garage door opener installation cost?

Garage door installation cost depends upon several factors such as type of opener, garage door quality, and labor work requirement.

How to do garage door opener installation yourself?

If you have the right tools, skills, and time, you can perform it yourself. However, if you have no prior experience, it would be better to call a professional like Concord Garage Doors.

How you communicate with Concord Garage Doors?

If you find our services beneficial, contact us and get the garage door opener installed now. If you have any other garage door-related requirements, we can fulfill those too- 704-438-9600.