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We only use superior-grade material rollers for garage door roller replacement service!

When you place a garage door, it works with the help of several parts. All the parts function in synchronization to make the movement happen. Even if damage in a minor part occurs, the movement will not be perfect. It could also be dangerous. Therefore, you must get the replacement work done as soon as possible.

Most of the time, it’s the rollers that require replacement. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct garage door rollers replacement. Usually, if you use good quality rollers, you won’t need any maintenance and change for ten years. However, there are rollers that require annual replacement. The quality of rollers defines the garage door rollers replacement period.

Our Concord garage doors company usually chooses the best quality rollers. However, the final decision is up to you depending upon the needs, budgets, and period for which you are going to reside in the building. You can contact us for the service by making a call on 704-438-9600

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Garage door rollers repair possibility

It is unlikely that you will get a garage door services provider that offers garage door rollers repair work. That’s because once a roller gets out of shape or breaks down, it is not possible to repair it. However, sometimes rollers just move out of track. That time, by realigning the rollers, you can get the issue fixed.

Though it is a minor adjustment, it can bring back garage doors' smooth movement for sure. Suppose your garage door rollers are causing screeching and noisy sound while moving the garage door, it’s a sign that installing garage door rollers replacement is necessary.

garage door roller replacenent concord nc

Type of rollers we use for garage door rollers replacement

As we mentioned above, there are multiple types of rollers categorized mainly according to their material. Different types of rollers deliver different benefits. We provide service for changing garage door rollers for all types. We will provide you the assistance according to which you can choose to make the decision.

If you find it difficult to decide which rollers are perfect for you, call us for assistance 704-438-9600.

solid plastic garage door roller

Solid Plastic Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Solid plastic garage door rollers are the most inexpensive ones out of all types of rollers. That’s because the material is light-weight and it works for one year. The pro of installing garage door rollers of this type is noiseless functioning. After a point in time, they become noisy singing that it’s time for replacement. That time, you can call Concord Garage Door technicians, who will perform the replacement immediately.

Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Steel garage door rollers work the best for commercial as well as residential buildings. If you have heavy-duty garage doors, you can use these rollers. Steel garage door roller replacement service comes with a fast turn-around time. When you approach us, we make sure to schedule an appointment at a convenient time. However, as these are made of metals, you can expect a little bit of noise, but that’s unbearable. These rollers work for more than five years.

Premium Nylon and Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Premium Nylon and Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

We would recommend changing garage door rollers to premium nylon and steel garage door rollers. That’s because of its high-quality material and least possible noise. These rollers work for the long-term with a service period that might go beyond a decade. It is expected that they withstand the movement of garage doors 80,000 times.

Why choose our Concord Garage Doors Company for the service?

Best quality rollers for a long-term solution

We have provided you with the top three types of garage door rollers. You can select the one which fits your requirements. We prefer going for the top-quality one as when we install it, customers won’t need to replace garage door rollers in a long span.

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Affordable pricing

We keep our service charges minimal. That’s the reason several customers in Concord, NC are benefited from the services we provide them. When you contact us on 704-438-9600, we visit your place for inspection and provide a transparent quotation without any hidden charges.

Licensed Technicians

Garage doors roller replacement service

Garage door roller replacement service could be an urgent service. That’s why we make sure to keep our technicians always ready to be there to do the replacement. We would suggest not using the garage door when rollers are not functioning properly. It could lead to the breaking of the garage door opener or even the garage door.

We visit your place at the soonest and check the current condition of rollers. If they are functioning fine and only the alignment is disturbed, we fix them right away.

If not, we go for replacement. Before installing the new garage door rollers, we do need to remove the previous ones.

After that, we include the new ones. You can choose the one amongst the above-mentioned garage door rollers or discuss more with us. When the replacement is complete, it’s time to review the work.

We check the rollers and find out whether the garage door movement is proper or not. If there are any issues, we unscrew the rollers and align them again. Even after the roller replacement if the movement is not perfect, there could be issues because of any other faulty part.

We can check the entire assembly and ensure your garage door works perfectly.