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Your garage door sensor is not working, and you can’t close your garage door. You are worried about the safety of your belongings and family members.

We understand how important it is to have a functional garage door sensor installed by expert technicians who will fix your problem quickly and efficiently. We have to make sure that all our customers receive top-notch service at affordable prices! 

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What Types Of Garage Door Sensor

There are a handful of garage door sensors that we specialize in replacing & repairing:

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are a garage door sensor that detects how far away from the garage an object is. They work on infrared light and use it to measure distances. A safety sensor will stop your garage door if something gets too close or prevent you from leaving when there's someone in the way!

Monitor Sensors

Monitor sensors are a garage door sensor that alerts you when someone has opened your garage door. They work by detecting the movement in infrared light and can alert you to anyone entering or exiting your garage and notify if something gets too close to the garage!

CO2 Sensors

CO² sensors are a type of garage door sensor that measures carbon dioxide levels in your garage. They work by measuring infrared light and detecting CO² particles, giving you an idea of how much oxygen there is!

Most Common Problems With Garage Door Sensor

These malfunctions are often caused by dirty sensors, misalignments, or a damaged component. Vibrations from the garage door may also contribute to this problem. This could result in abrupt stop and reverse behavior, an open but unremovable door, or flashing lights that indicate malfunction. It is possible for whatever sensor causes the issue to be paired with either the opener itself or both of them as a package deal.

Many factors can cause a garage door sensor to malfunction. Concord Garage Doors and can offer quick service if your sensor malfunctions.

When garage door sensors don’t work, they can stop the garage door from opening or closing.

There are a few reasons this might happen:

The Sensor is dirty

Garage door sensors are sensitive to dirt. Over time, they can get coated in a fine layer of dust and grime that is hard for them to detect. This prevents the garage from opening or closing correctly.

The sensor is not adjusted correctly.

If the garage door sensors are not installed correctly, they might be too low or high. This can cause them to detect a nearby object when there is none and stop the garage from opening or closing properly.

garage door sensor replacement and repair concord nc

Electrical problem

Electrical problems can also cause garage door sensors to stop working. A power outage, faulty wiring, or a dirty electric eye might be the problem.

An object has blocked the sensor.

Garage door sensors are designed to detect objects and stop the garage from opening or closing properly. They might be blocked by a foreign object, like an animal or your car.

Why Choose Concord Garage Doors For Sensor Replacement & Repair?

What makes Concord Garage Doors the best for repairing and installing garage door sensors in Concord?

We have years of experience with sensors. Our team is handpicked; we ensure that you get our top experts on fixing doors. We can service any sensor problem at an affordable price. Give us a call 24/7 for assistance (repair or replacement), and we'll respond immediately!

Garage Door Sensor - Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if the garage door sensor is bad?

If the garage door sensor is broken, it may be blocked by an object. The best way to find out if this is true or not would be to inspect the garage. Look for things that could get in their way when opening and closing your garage door. Remove any foreign object you find blocking the sensors, then try using the opener again to see if it responded with a green light as before. If there are no obstructions, but it still does not work, have one of our experts come over to diagnose and fix your issue.

How to bypass the garage door sensor?

To bypass your garage door sensor, you can use a piece of wire. Attach the end to the arm that moves when opening and closing the garage door opener, then close it manually. The other part should be attached to one side of an electrical outlet with electricity running through it, so the circuit is complete once you open or closes the garage doors.

However, before doing this, we highly advise against using any extension cords because they are dangerous and unreliable and could cause further damage than necessary if misused. For assistance on how to do this, call us 24/up for repair or replacement services! We offer affordable prices and will respond immediately!

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