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Our Concord Garage Doors company is the right place if you are looking for fast and affordable service for garage door spring replacement. Not only our service quality but even the customer experience is exceptional.

Therefore, you must call our team members for garage door springs services. Usually, the garage door springs are placed above garage doors and on both bottom ends. Your entire garage door transfers its weight to these springs. That’s why it is important to select the best quality garage door springs that can withstand garage doors' weight.

With time, the capability of springs to lift the weight decreases, leading to its breaking. When you find that it takes more time and consumes a higher amount of energy in lifting the garage doors, that could be because of old springs. That’s the sign that you require garage spring replacement. If you face such issues, call us right away and get your garage door spring fixed- 704-438-9600.

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Garage door spring repair services

Garage door spring repair is not possible in many cases. That’s because once a spring becomes loose or develops rusting, it can’t function like before. That time you need to go for a garage door spring replacement.

However, when there is a disturbing alignment or wrong placement of spring, we can correct it. That usually happens when the previous technician doesn’t perform the expected installation.

garage door spring replacement concord nc

Garage door spring replacement services

Garage door spring replacement requirement depends upon the type of spring you use for garage doors. Some springs work longer than others due to their material and manufacturing technique.

When it comes to replacement, we provide you with the right advice regarding the spring you need to select. After we have the initial discussion, our technicians will visit your place as per the appointment time and check the spring's current condition.

We need to remove some parts of the current assembly to remove the spring. After removing the spring, we put the selected one in its place and reassemble the entire garage door system.

After that’s done, we raise and lower the garage door to check the smooth movement’s restoration. Both ends of the garage door should be at the same height while raising and lowering it. We are ready to provide you with top-notch garage door services. Make a call and get done with the garage door spring replacement: 704-438-9600.

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There are many Concord, NC areas that do not have garage door spring replacement service providers. Even if there are such professionals, they are not good enough to conduct the service. Also, they charge high prices due to low competition in the area. However, wherever we are located, we can still deliver top-notch, affordable service to all our customers. Our technicians will travel to your place at the address and location you provide during the initial call. There are no additional garage door spring replacement cost for the distance.

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Torsion, roll-up door, and extension springs technicians

There are mainly three types of springs we use. The spring selection is according to your garage door, your requirements, and how long you want the spring to function. Let’s check out all three types and know how our technicians can help you by performing garage door spring replacement.

Torsion Spring

These are the best springs for Concord, NC. The city has high humidity, which can lead to rusting. Our garage door torsion springs are made of oil-tempered wire, which makes them corrosion-resistant. This saves them from the humid environment and provides a long service life.

Extension Springs

These springs are also available in oil-tempered material. Furthermore, when you choose them for garage door spring replacement, they can bear heavier loads compared to torsion springs. These are available in three types:

  • Single looped
  • Open looped
  • Clipped ends

When you own a heavy garage door or commercial building garage door, we would suggest using these springs for the door's safety and smooth movement for a long span.

Roll-up Door Spring

When the garage door movement occurs, it causes a lot of noise. That’s because several parts move along. Using a roll-up door spring will reduce the overall noise. These springs work quietly and ensure smooth movement too. Our technicians can easily do garage door spring replacement after you finalize the spring.

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