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A garage door works when several components function together. These components move in synchronization to lift the garage door up and down. Some of these components are garage door openers, garage door rollers, garage door springs, and garage door track.

Besides the components mentioned above, there are a few more minor parts. Most of the time, the problem arrives in any of these four components. Whenever there is an issue, call us right away on 704-438-9600, and we will provide you with the solution.

When your garage door tracks damages and requires repair or replacement, it could be an emergency. You won’t be able to open or close the garage door in such a condition. We understand the gravity of the situation. That’s why we believe in providing immediate service so that customers never suffer.

We would suggest not moving the garage door when the track seems damaged. That’s because it can cause further problems, which can lead to breaking of the garage door.

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Garage door track repair service

Whenever you call us, we take a chance to fix the garage door track first. If the fixing is not possible, then only we go to the replacement option.

To fix garage door track, we send technicians after you make a call. The technicians arrive at your place and check the condition of the garage door track.

The garage door experts always carry adequate tools to counter every problem. After the inspection, they conclude whether the repair is possible or not. Sometimes, it is possible to decide without dismantling the garage door assembly. However, technicians need to take out the track by unbolting the garage door and rollers in other cases.

After unbolting, they check the track thoroughly. There could be damages on the internal side that one can’t see without the removal of the track.

There are instances of misalignment too. When the garage door moves out of the track, homeowners can’t fix the issue themselves. We send our technicians who realign the assembly and fix the issue within minutes.

garage door track replacement concord nc

Garage door track replacement service

After we dismantle the assembly to find out the garage door track is no more functional, we need to go for a replacement option.

Garage door replacement depends upon factors such as the garage door's weight, other assembly items, and garage door track position.

Garage door bottom track replacement is done differently compared to garage door vertical track replacement. The assemblies are entirely different, demanding different garage door tracks.

After we remove the previous track and choose the new one, it’s time to reassemble it. We place the track and connect it to the garage door, springs, and rollers. With the competition of garage door track replacement, it’s time to check its performance.

You can move the garage door up and down, and it should function exactly how it was before the garage door track damaged. There are chances that other assembly parts also have issues. We also do on-demand checking of the entire garage door assembly.

Why choose our Concord Garage Door company for garage door track replacement services?

Emergency service available

We understand the requirement of attention when garage door track damages. If no service provider visits your place immediately, you are stuck. If the garage door is open, your belongings are at risk. If it is closed, you can’t take your vehicle in or out of the house. That’s why we keep a particular emergency garage door team at your service.

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COVID-19 precautions guaranteed

When you call technicians, you must be worried about whether they will take COVID-19 precautions or not. We clear your doubt by letting you know that all our team members have strict instructions of maintaining social distancing and wearing masks all the time. They even go for regular testing to make sure they are COVID-19 negative.

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Garage door track replacement services- frequently asked questions

Why is garage door track replacement important?

We consider garage door track replacement as an emergency service. If one doesn’t attend the service, it can cause more harm to the assembly. It can even cause harm to the whole building and cause an injury if the garage door suddenly breaks due to a faulty track. Therefore, if you don’t fix the garage door track immediately, it can lead to multiple issues.

How much would it cost to fix the garage door track?

The cost of the garage door track depends upon several factors. One of the major ones is the garage door's weight that defines how much load the track needs to bear. However, in all the cases, our pricing remains affordable and low compared to other garage door track replacement service providers in Concord, NC.

How to contact Concord garage door replacement services?

Isn’t it easy how you can simply call us and book an appointment? All you need to do is give us a call on 704-438-9600 and tell our executive about the exact requirements. If your garage door track is damaged, we will send the technicians after the call to the provided address and location. You have our assurance of best-quality service at the best pricing.