Garage Door Won't Close With Remote Control: Top Reasons And Solutions

Posted on June 27, 2022 By Concord Garage Doors 
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A garage door provides security and safety to your house and your vehicles. Therefore, it is essential that this door closes and opens with ease as needed. Whether it is an automated door or a manual lock, if there is any malfunction, it needs to be tended to immediately.

It is essential to ensure the remote for your garage door works appropriately to close and open it seamlessly. However, under a few specified circumstances, the remote may work halfway through opening the door and not allow closing it all the way through.

It is imperative to keep up with the proper functioning of this door to prevent any injuries from the malfunctioning circuit breaker.

Therefore, to aid you with all these issues, our automotive experts have shortlisted the reasons for your garage door closing issues and the possible solutions.

Reasons Why Your Garage Doors Will Not Close With Remote Control

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At times, the garage door remote won't work correctly with the door closing and may require manual locks. This could be caused by a few factors that may require changing the garage door opener completely.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Issue With Closing

Even though the materials used in making the garage door are relatively solid and capable, over time, they will inevitably lose their tension and may cause the garage door won't close or open properly.

A few things require a quick fix for optimum service from these doors, such as trouble closing, wiring issues, faulty outlets, and correctly aligned garage door tracks play a significant role in how they function.

This happens when safety sensors on the garage door openers are also blocked. This blockage will cause the doors to shut down as your open them.

The garage door sensors are placed at the bottom of the door, where an infrared sensor light goes horizontally across. The garage door opens up automatically when anything puts itself between the sensors and the door.

Garage door opener remote issues can also be caused by a malfunctioning motor head that controls the door's motion.

It may be because of the wear and tear over the years, blown a fuse, and the malfunctioning of safety sensors, among others.

According to the user's manual, these small features must be looked after and maintained, limiting settings and preventing wiring problems for optimum output.

Garage Door Openers And Cable Problems

Garage door cables are strong and capable of opening and closing doors that weigh hundreds of pounds. Two different wires are used on automated garage doors on either side to lift and close the doors.

Even though these are made with strong galvanized metals and are known to be extremely capable, the safety sensors may lose tension spring and require assistance from a garage door service company over time.

Attached at the bottom of the door with torsion springs are directed at the top of where the torsion springs are located.

This is mainly the case with lift cables. Retaining cables are inside the springs running vertically along both sides of the door. This is to prevent the door from swinging across if it breaks and shuts the door in place.

Any disconnection or broken cable on garage doors can cause the door to fixate in one position, either wide open or completely shut.

In such cases with cable problems, getting help from trusted garage door manufacturers is crucial and redo the garage door system.

Issue With Garage Door Panel Alignment

Even brand new garage doors can malfunction and cause serious injury if the remote doesn't function well.

The panel on which the door rests needs to be aligned correctly for it to work properly and be made of durable material to ensure longevity.

Any dent, rust, or rot on the panel or the new opener can cause garage door issues. So, it needs to be maintained and placed properly for smooth functioning.

Wobbly panels can also be a reason for the doors to get jammed and not work at all. However, we have our expert team who can easily take care of such issues in such situations.

Garage Door Remote Reprogramming

Under a few unexpected circumstances, you may need to reprogram the remote that controls the garage door for it to receive the signals from the remote properly. After using the same remote system for too long, there may come the point that it wears out and needs replacing, repairing, or reprogramming.

Reprogramming is required for the signal emission from the remote to be thoroughly and directly come in contact with the door mechanism and work accordingly.

Signals may be obstructed due to a prolonged period of a power outage, bad battery connection on the remote, bad receiver on the doors, or maybe the replaced batteries on the remote malfunction.

All of these play a significant role in the proper and seamless functioning of the door and prevent any accidents such as being shocked by the remote.

Possible Solutions For Garage Door Repair That Won't Close With Remote Controller

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The maintenance of the garage door not closing when used with the remote may seem like a massive hassle. However, it is much easier than expected.

With proper maintenance and frequent checking in on the door's functionality, you can elongate its service without having to replace the whole garage door.

After a thorough analysis by our experts, some of the most effective solutions are mentioned in this section. Their suggestions and tips will help you maintain your garage door seamlessly and easily.

Prevent Power Surge And Power Outages

To prevent the effect of power surges and outages, you can attach a surge protector to the circuit of the garage door. It will help the opener on your the openers resist the shock from the sudden shift in the power, which will emit a blinking light on the circuit to let you know about its situation.

Some led lights may interfere with receiving and outgoing signals from the remote. These led lights may cause a barrier, not pass through signals and work properly.

This is why new led light bulbs are being tested for compatibility on the garage door. Faulty outlet and wiring issues can also be why the signals from your remote through to the doors.

Wiring problems like these can cause brand new garage doors to not work properly and require you to open and close doors as per your requirements manually.

These wall units may have a wall-mounted button or switch to ensure the light flashes are noticed and looked after. The purpose of these led bulbs is to have the openers stripped gear prone to needing repairs due to usage.

Check Remote Opener Batteries

Dead batteries may be why the wall button-operated light stays on without you realizing why.

This small light plays a major role in maintaining these doors without having any outward pressure exerted from nature, whether or from the daily usage of the doors itself.

Checking the doors controller to ensure the batteries aren't dead and function properly helps maintain the doors too.

Moreover, the green light, amber light, and even the overhead light on your remote aid you in being aware of the door's functionality with ease.

Hire A Professional

In case the severity of your situation is dire and you need urgent help, you can always count on Concord Garage Door Repair Company to come in handy.

Whether your doors need to be locked manually or the wall button needs replacing and repairing, we covered it all upon your call.

Whatever the case with the doors for your garage area, we can assure a satisfactory job and provide service even if you have tree growth issues through the internals of the opener's mechanism.

Our experts will thoroughly analyze everything that may or may not require checking to ensure you don't face any recurring issues with the doors and prevent any accidental bumps or hits from the faulty doors.

Bottom Line

Having been in the service for as long as we have, we understand the sudden needs and requirements you may have for security with your garage and its doors.

Therefore, feel free to contact us with any need for your garage door and its service. Our team is always there to provide you with our service so you can rest at ease and not worry about anything.