How to Fix a Garage Door That’s Off Track?

Posted on June 1, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
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The world is full of problems. From traffic to messy housemates, many things can make life difficult and stressful for you daily. One thing we all have in common, though? Our garage doors! This one problem especially causes frustration because getting the door off its track or spending ten minutes with it opening only halfway isn’t what anyone needs after a long day at work.

Nearly everyone has had a problem with garage doors that won't close. But they might need some tinkering if they're not closing correctly or have started to make a terrible grinding noise.

It’s essential to fix a garage door off-track problem as soon as possible. If left unfixed, the safety of both you and your car are in jeopardy. Additionally, you may need to take time out of your day when your home is inaccessible. This can be an issue that needs solving immediately to prevent significant damage making it even more challenging to fix.

below You will find steps explaining how to get the garage door back on track

How to get the garage door back on track?

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1. Disconnect garage door opener

Before you start working on the door, you should disconnect your garage door opener. This will reduce any risks of an accident or injury if the opener is accidentally activated while you are working on it.

Finding the metal string that controls the motor and pulling on it should disengage it, enabling you to close or open the door manually.

2. Open and secure the garage door.

With the opener disengaged, you should open and secure the door. This will provide a stable base for when you work on it. You can do this by pulling down one side of the garage door until it locks or contacting your garage door company to help if needed.

3. Bring rollers back to the track.

Next, you must put the roller back inside of the track using pliers. You can restring it as well by placing a wire in and pulling it out to tighten it. Finally, rub down with a wooden mallet or rubber to restore its shape to work correctly.

4. Check alignment.

Now that we've fixed the roller gears, it's time to ensure a smooth opening. You can do this by fully closing and opening the garage door few times. As you test its balance, check whether it opens smoothly when rolling on uneven tracks.

If the track isn’t aligned, repeat the same steps to get it to align correctly.

5. Check the automatic operation.

Once you have re-adjusted the track and ensured that the door is smoothly operating, check for a successful automatic opening. Engage your remote control to open and close using the opener; if this final step succeeds, consider your garage door repaired.

What to do if you fail to get the garage door back on track?

Fixing an off-track garage door can be challenging, especially for those not familiar with garage doors. A professional company that deals in repairing garage doors can quickly diagnose the problem and fix your door swiftly.

If other parts are damaged or need replacing, you should call a professional repair service. Unless there’s severe damage to the track and system that requires a specialized job, these few simple solutions will get your door back in place quickly.

Knowing how to fix a garage door that’s off-track will likely save you time and frustration.

In the best-case scenario, it may be as easy as cleaning the rollers or reattaching loose tracks. Any trip to the store for tools or lubricant should take no more than an hour, depending on what needs to happen.


The garage door is one of the essential parts of a home, so many people are unsure what to do when it fails to work correctly. If your garage door is off track and you cannot get it back on track with just pulling or pushing on the panels in question, give us a call today for repair or replacement services. Our team has been repairing broken and damaged tracks since 2010 as well as replacing them if necessary. We can help make sure that an unreliable system doesn’t compromise your family’s safety!