How to Prevent Water from Entering Under Your Garage Door

Posted on May 19, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
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When you return home and find water damage on your personal property, it can be a very upsetting experience. For example, in the garage, there is an increased risk of water damage because they are directly exposed to the outside.

It's essential to make sure your garage door is watertight so that you can keep all of the items inside safe from damage. It doesn't take long for a small leak to become significant, and it could lead to costly repairs if not dealt with right away.

With a few simple and straightforward solutions, you can keep your garage weatherproof and dry. There are cost-effective and quick solutions to avoid floodwater underneath the garage door.

Flaws of Garages

Imagine the problem. The first thing you see when returning home from a long family vacation is your flooded garage. Tears stream down the face of homeowners as they return to find their property in shambles and all hope lost for any future happiness-especially if it's one more time!

One issue with garages is that because most of them weren’t designed to be completely waterproof, they can't stop water from getting in. As the garage door is right next to the outdoors, water can easily seep in. Yet, in most cases, owners pay little attention to making their garage as weather-proof as the rest of the residence.

If you live in an area that rains frequently, rainwater can quickly enter your garage through openings. To prevent this from happening, it's crucial to find a way to prevent water from entering your garage.

Ignoring water damage to the garage door can lead to even more severe problems in the future. When leaks become severe, they may have a damaging effect on garage floors and personal belongings, not just in the area around the garage but throughout your home.

Garage Water Prevention Solutions

There are a few simple and cost-effective ways to solve water entering the garage door, depending on where it is with the driveway.

There are common problems with garage doors that lead to water entering under the door.

Garage Door Seals and Floor Covers

As if the garage door isn’t a nuisance enough, it should also be equipped with an effective seal that is flexible and seals tight to concrete. This helps ensure when you close the garage door, everything stays intact.

The seals on your garage door and floor are designed to protect against water leaks, but after a while, they will start deteriorating, which can lead to the dreaded leak. Replacing them won’t break the bank or take up too much of your time- all it takes is checking for signs that you might need replacing!

A storm could cause problems with your garage door, and you might need to replace the seals. Installed by professionals, new seals will ensure that your garage stays safe from flooding in case of a downpour or heavy rainstorm. Now is the perfect time to get yours replaced before it's too late!


All too often, people neglect to examine the soil grade of their property. If you have a higher driveway than your actual pavement or cement (or vice versa), water will collect and eventually start seeping into the structure itself with time.

Redirecting rainwater is a great way to help the environment and keep your house dry. With just some elbow grease, you can drive it away from the foundation by moving things like big rocks or logs in front of the water flow direction. This will not take days on end but rather a few hours at most!

Trench Drains

If you live in a house with an angled driveway, it's likely been the source of many headaches for homeowners.

The best way to protect your garage from the rain is with a trench drain. A trench drain will divert water coming in through the door, saving it when you want to use or store it outside of your house.

To build one yourself, cut an opening about 1 foot wide and 3 feet deep into concrete walls at each end of the doorway on either side; these openings should extend across where they meet between both doors so that there are two channels inside them (see image). Then insert a U-shaped steel channel coated with PVC over 2" diameter pipe down into this hole before covering up any gaps around its edges by pouring more cement on top until level ground returns once again. Finally, install iron gates at both ends, which slide.

If not correctly maintained, trench drains can become clogged and ineffective. A quick fix to this is removing the grate at least once a year and clearing out any debris collected in it or around its edges with a shovel. If water starts pooling over your trenches due to an accumulation of dirt on top, then you know there's been some neglect!


Gutters can be a time-consuming and expensive fix. However, they are necessary to protect your home from water damage caused by seeping rainwater that comes in through the garage door. Even if gutters encircle most of the house's perimeter, sometimes builders neglect adding channels around the garage doors, which causes these same problems with leaking water on top of any current issues you may have with flooding or being too close to neighbors' houses due to proximity concerns about moisture causing mold growth inside walls.

Many people take for granted how important it is for their homes to look not only pleasing but also remain free from serious consequences such as leakage into insulation and leading up behind cabinetry where humidity could lead to mildew growing within interior wall cavities;

Installing new gutters is a great way to keep your garage dry and free of water damage. Channels will help redirect the flow of rainwater away from where it could cause foundation problems around the top edge and both sides near ground level.

Garage Floors

Raising your garage floor is the most expensive alternative on this list, and it may not be worth investing in if you're looking to fix a minor water issue.

Suppose you want more height than what's available with traditional gravel or asphalt that comes standard when building a home. In that case, we recommend doing some research into concrete options at an elevation of around 18 inches.

Solving Garage Door Leaks

If you’re experiencing water leaks in your garage, it can be wise to begin with the most straightforward repairs and progress toward more costly ones if the original doesn't make much of a difference. If there's no improvement after making basic fixes such as caulking or sealing cracks, consider hiring professionals for assistance.

If you're home during storms that cause water leaks, this could help pinpoint where exactly they are coming from, so remediation efforts will have better success rates!

If your garage is experiencing water leaks, you'll want to take care of it sooner rather than later. Repairing the problem yourself will be a lot cheaper and more accessible than replacing everything outright!

If you don't have any way of fixing your leaky roof or ceiling tiles now but are starting to see evidence there's an issue in your home such as mold growth, then hiring professionals for repair might not just save a few bucks - it could help preserve the health and safety of those inside too.

Prevent Water Under the Garage Door

After decades of use, many doors will get misaligned and have a gap. You can tell when your door is not sealed correctly because the water flows under the garage door while it’s closed after rainfall or even just from condensation in humid months. If you notice this happening to your current garage door, replace it with one made out of steel for maximum durability and efficiency!


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