How to Remove Oil Stains from Your Garage Floor

Posted on May 31, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
oil stain on garage floor

Your garage is a valuable space-your car can be an expensive asset, and it's often where you store your tools.

However, if you work with dirty things in the garage, such as your car or power tools that drip oil, your concrete floor will stay grimy. Cleaning up regular dirt on the floor is easy enough, but removing oil–which can seep through cracks and pores in the concrete to form a stain that's tough to take away--requires a different approach because this substance has a lower surface tension than water.

These Steps and Tips Will Help You Remove Oil Stains From Your Garage Floor.

Clean Surface

Before dealing with small or large oil stains in your garage, you should first clean as much off the area as possible before moving any possessions which may be in the way of more effective cleaning. While doing that, make sure you keep your garage door open.

Placing water on the surface of an oil stain will help remove dirt and debris. However, you don’t want to push more oil into the floor due to scrubbing or using high-pressure hoses.

The key to removing oil stains from your garage floor is getting the grime off the surface first.

Clean Small New Stain

New minor oil stains on your garage floor are among the easiest to remove. One task that may be necessary is mixing DAWN dish soap with boiling water (i.e., hot). Mix a few drops of Dawn dish soap and 1/2 gallon of boiling water in a spray bottle for a powerful cleaning agent.

There are many options for removing oil stains from your garage floor, but the most important thing is finding a detergent that will grab hold of the grease. Pour the detergent over the stain. If it's in powder form, you can move onto step two immediately, but if not, wait for 15-30 minutes for it to work its magic.

Next, mix hot water with detergent to prepare a degreaser. Scrub the concrete stain for several minutes-be sure to use a sturdy brush that won't get damaged by the material. Rinse off all of the soap and wait for it to dry before sealing or adding any other flooring on top.

To ensure that all the oil is out of the concrete floor, you will need to re-wet and scrub this step three times. If there are still stains on the floor after a day's wait, repeat steps one through four until they are gone for good.

Clean Small Old Stain

If your stain is old, stubborn, or severe, you will need a particular technique. You can try the poultice method with absorbent material and solvent to attempt removal.

To remove oil stains from a garage floor, you will need absorbent material on hand or something cheap. Three options are baking soda, sawdust, pool filter media, or kitty litter. Once you have chosen the best option for your specific circumstance, mix it with an appropriate solvent and make a thick paste mixture.

Wipe a layer of the mixture onto the affected surface, using a quarter-inch thickness. Place a layer of plastic wrap over the top to keep it in place, and then wait for one day. Once it has been sufficiently dry, scrape off the top layer of the mixture and dispose of it.

The next step is easy. Remove the plastic, sweep or scrape up the paste, and rinse with water to remove it. You might have to repeat this process for a stubborn oil stain, but hopefully, the poultice has gotten most of the oil out on its own.

Clean Large Stains

If you want to remove a big spill or have an oil stain on your floor due to repeated small falls, go straight to the hardware store and get one of their commercial cleaners. They’ll be more expensive than other options, but it will guarantee future stains don’t happen.

To remove oil stains from the garage floor, read the directions on your product; they will likely tell you to apply it to the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Once done, scrub and rinse until there is no trace of residue left over.

If you want to get your garage floor back to its original, clean state before it was stained with oil, then there are many products available that might work. You could try using a specific home product or believe professionals and pay them to do the job. Either way, you can regain your garage’s livability if you take these steps.


To maintain a clean and well-maintained garage, you need to know how to remove oil stains from your floor. Oil can come in many shapes and sizes; however, the same techniques will apply no matter what kind of stain. A quick call or visit with Concord Garage Doors should be all that’s needed for them to provide you with an estimate as soon as possible so you can get rid of those pesky stains once and for all!