How To Remove Rust From Garage Door? Top 3 Ways

Posted on June 13, 2022 By Concord Garage Doors 
Rusty Garage door

Garage doors play a crucial role in the safety of our house. Not only do we place cars in the garage, and sometimes we even place old furniture, vintage appliances, and a lot more. Sometimes we even use it as an extra room when there's a space shortage. So, it is evident that garages play a considerable role in our lives.

To keep our garage in tip-top shape, we must take care of the garage door. The garage door can say a lot about the people living there. Garage doors are made mostly made to be rust-resistant nowadays. However, now and then, we face the rust issue with our garage door.

A rusty garage door can cause you many safety and health concerns. If you have a rusty garage door and accidentally end up cutting yourself on it, it can cause severe health issues. Garage door rust also compromises the safety level of the garage door, which is why today, we will learn how to remove rust from a garage door.

Ways To Remove Garage Door Rust

Metal garage doors often get rusty. Most Modern garage doors supposedly have a coating of rust-resistant paint on them; however, there are times when it just doesn't work. So, today we will talk about ways to remove garage door rust without much hassle. Here are some ways you can remove garage door rust:

Opening Metal Garage Door

Getting Rid Of The Rust On Garage Doors

Getting rid of the rust on garage doors might seem like a bit of a hassle, but shockingly enough, you can get it done with just a few things that are a constant in every household kitchen. All you will need is a cloth soaked in white vinegar, and that's it.

To get rid of the rust, you must gently wipe down the areas of the garage door with rust on it. The overly rusted areas might need some extra attention. Once you wipe the rust, the vinegar solution will work to dissolve the rust. Afterward, all you have to do is use a steel wool pad and scrub the rust off.

Scrubbing the rust off is crucial as scrubbing it off will prevent the oxidation process, which helps stop the spreading of the rust. If you don't scrub the rust off, it will spread like wildfire. The spreading of the rust is one of the reasons the sandpapering process is not a viable option. So, your main priority should be removing rust.

Filling All The Holes Caused By The Rust

Rust often causes holes in the metal garage doors and door panels. Sometimes only the bottom panel has rust spots. All the rust can be caused by humid salt air, which can often be the reason behind the multiple holes in the metal garage door.

Fine grit paper can help eliminate the rust; however, it won't get rid of the holes in the garage door caused by the rust. You can also use other corrosive materials to remove the rust. To cover the holes, all you have to do is use some auto body filler. You can also consult with the garage door manufacturer for additional information.

Auto body filler and rust-resistant primer are incredibly useful for getting rid of rust.

Washing The Garage Door

The garage door often gets covered in road salt. The humid salt air and the road salt are often the main cause behind the rust in a new garage door. To remove the road salt, you must wash your entire door with warm water and other bonding agents. These bonding agents are dish soap, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid.

You have to put a bit of extra focus on the rusted area; otherwise, it can cause costly damage to your garage door.

Painting The Garage Door

Painting the garage door is the last step; however, this step requires more precision and care than the rest. According to garage door services, most newer garage doors are supposed to be rust-proof. However, if your garage door still gets rusty, then you can get primer and paint designed for metal garage doors.

Before applying the paint and primer, you must wait for the door to dry completely. Afterward, take a dry cloth and a large sponge. Then with the sponge and the dry cloth, prime the entire door. The primed areas are less prone to rust damage and create holes.

Then take some sheet metal and do a trial run of the paint on the piece of metal. If you like the color, wait for the primer to dry completely, get a paint sprayer and paint the door. Take some time to paint every individual panel with precision.

These are ways to get rid of the rust that covers your garage door.

Additional Tips To Get Rid Of Rust On Garage Door

The best way to remove garage door rust has already been explained. However, if your garage door is not that rusty and you need to fix it up a little, then here are some tips just for you:

Citric acid is always a really good option if you have a tiny bit of rust on your garage door that you need to get rid of. All you have to do is put a bit of citric acid on the rust-covered area and watch the rust disappear. Be sure not to use a steel wool pad to put on the citric acid as it can cause a bad reaction.

Another good way to get rid of rust on a garage door is by using salt and lemon on the rusty areas. By doing this, you can easily prevent the rust from spreading more, and it will also get rid of the existing rust. So, overall this is a good idea as well.

Proper maintenance also plays a huge role in ensuring no rust on your garage door. By just taking good care of your garage, you can avoid all sorts of rust and additional problems like rust. Being a bit careful can help you greatly in the long run. So, you have to ensure that you are taking care of your garage door and doing everything you can to prevent any damage or rust; otherwise, it might just cost you a ton of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about rust on garage doors:

Is Rust On Garage Door Harmful For The Door?

Answer: Rust on garage doors creates holes, which ultimately compromises your house's safety. So, yes, the rust on the garage door is harmful.

Does Baking Soda Get Rid Of Rust?

Answer: Baking soda can get rid of rust when mixed with vinegar. The soda and vinegar mix works together and dissolves the rust.

Do Paint Flakes Prevent Rust?

Answer: Paint flakes help put a protective cover on top of your metal garage doors which keeps hydration away and ultimately prevents rust from developing on your garage door.

Do Steel Wool Pads Harm Garage Doors?

Answer: Steel Wool pads are often used to scrub the rust away from the garage doors. So, no, they do not harm garage doors at all.

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Removing rust from a garage door is something that's on our minds constantly. We want the best for our house and our garage doors, so with the rust problem, it can be difficult to maintain our house's beauty. One of the main reasons why our garage doors get rusty is we don't always pay enough attention to them. Garage doors require a ton of maintenance, and they need a ton of care as well to prevent the rust from forming.

However, if there already is rust on your garage door, the best approach is to follow a few tactics, and the rust will be gone in no time.