How Your Garage Door Works for a Better Understanding

Posted on April 25, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
technician fix garage door

Garage doors can get stuck and sound strange. This can be stressful. You will need to know what to do if this happens.

A garage door is an essential part of your house. You may not know if you need to fix it or need routine maintenance. One thing can break another, and it will cost more money. Here is a list of things that are necessary for the garage door, what they do, and what you should look for:

The list of garage door parts includes the following:

  • Track system
  • Lift cables
  • Tension springs
  • Opener

What is the garage door track?

garage door track

A Garage Door Track holds up a section of the roll and loop system that raises or lowers a garage door. A garage door can be lifted manually with a large handle on one end, but it's better to have an automatic opener installed, so you don't need to remember to raise the doors when going in and out. The familiar sound of this type of opener is typically heard at night as people go into their garages for work or play after dark.

What is the garage door opener, and how it operates?

garage door opener

The garage door opener is a device that will open or close an overhead garage door with the push of a button. It includes an electric motor mounted on one end, which turns to either roll up and down the sectional track OR trolley system.

the opener could install it in different locations:

  • On top of the roof where the opener can see it from outside at ground level.
  • Mounted high enough to not interfere with opening doors but still out of reach for small children.
  • Wallmounted near the entranceway inside means you don't have to go outdoors before going into your home.

What is a garage door cable, and how it operates?

garage door cable

Cables are the long, thin stainless steel cables that run from one end of your garage door to the other. The cables have metal fittings on either side, which connect them to a pulley system and then through bearings on both sides of the track that keep tension in each cable.

The entire process is powered by an electric motor attached to one end, usually at roof level or close enough for easy access if mounted low down near an outside wall, so you don't have to go into your house before going out again. This enables the automatic operation with just a press of a button inside (or key fob) when coming home after dark.

What are garage door tension springs, and how it operates?

garage door spring

Garage door tension springs provide the counterforce to balance out the weight of a heavy garage door and its contents, which can be substantial. One on each side attaches between an eyebolt at the top of each hinge arm and through another eye bolt just below it halfway down (along with providing support for any opening from above).

The spring's tension helps keep your garage door even. If you have a snow load or some other extra force pushing downward, then these springs will release some more rope, so they don't snap or break to avoid damaging parts and protect against injury by slamming shut.


This blog post concludes that I hope you now understand how your garage door works and the different parts involved. There are many easy-to-do things outside of replacing the whole door, such as changing springs or adjusting cables, which can help prolong life. If something seems out-of-place on one side, it may be wise to check both sides for an issue before making any costly repairs. Remember not to make changes without first checking with a professional garage door company, so you don't complicate matters more than they already are!