Methods for Fixing a Garage Door that Won’t Close

Posted on May 25, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
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If your garage door doesn’t close, there are a few things you can do to fix it before calling for repair services. The troubleshooting guide below can help you identify and fix some of the most common problems that arise when a garage door will not close.

Most homeowners are aware of the importance of security. If your garage door isn’t shutting properly, you might be worried someone could come in if they wanted to get past the alarms.

To save money on service calls, try these steps before the repairman can get there. You’re more than likely to be able to fix it yourself, and you won't have wasted time waiting for an appointment!

What to do when your garage door doesn't close properly? Here are some tips!

Check the Garage Door Sensors

If you’re having trouble getting your garage door to close all the way, it is likely because of an issue with the sensors.

Garages often use an infrared sensor to help close the doors. This sensor detects if anything is blocking the path of closing doors and prevents any harm from coming to anyone in the process.

The sensors on garage door openers can get dirty, making them send false signals to the opener’s control board. Taking care of these issues by cleaning the sensors with a soft cloth should fix it right up.

One sensor might not be functioning, or the sensors may need to be adjusted. One sensor has stopped working when this happens and needs adjustment until it's seen again by the other sensor.

Check the Rollers and Tracks

If the sensor is working and the garage door seems to be closing incorrectly, remove any blocking obstructions from its tracks.

A bent garage track or damaged roller will cause the door to stick and not close. Inspect both tracks for any signs of damage, such as a mid-section that’s been pulled out of shape. If you find a section that's either bent out of shape or otherwise broken, place clamps on either side and use hammer strikes along the shaft with care to reshape it back into alignment.

If your garage door refuses to close, check the overhead track from your garage opener. It may be bent or misaligned.

This may be the perfect time to spot- and grease any rollers that you can see - using white lithium or silicone-based grease. If your garage door won’t close, it may just be a stuck roller tricking the opener into thinking it's hitting something.

Check the Opener Trolley

Your garage door may not be closing because the trolley is in bypass mode. If your garage door works when you open it or manually lift the chain, push the rope toward the wall to restart the trolley and lock it back onto the chain.

Check Opener Remote

If you want to close your garage door from the remote, but it doesn’t work, then the most likely reason is that its battery has died. There is a chance, though, that power surges have wiped your opener for good. When changing batteries does not resolve the problem, it may be necessary to reprogram your remote.

Locate the large “learn” button on your motorized garage door opener. Press that button until a light flashes, and then press any of the remote buttons to see if it works.

Adjusting Limit Screws

The majority of garage doors will completely close without having to be retracted. If your door won’t go all the way closed and stops before retracting back up, you may need to adjust your limit screws. An adjustment should solve that issue so give it a try!

Close the rear flap of the garage door. Adjust both screws on the opener until it closes properly and leaves a slight impression in, but doesn't wholly overcompress, the seal. If you can't find any room for adjustment on one particular screw, try altering other screws to get your desired effect.

Look At Your Manual

If the light on your garage door opener is blinking, this implies an error with the device. The number of blinks per minute will tell you what needs to be fixed. Count the number of blinks and refer to your manual.

If your manual isn't available, you can most likely find the problem by looking up the trouble code online. Researching your garage door opener can be achieved by first looking up the manufacturer of your specific model and then reading through the different troubleshooting solutions.

Close Your Garage Door Manually

If you can't fix your door, it may be because the door is put together wrong. If this is the case, I recommend that you call a professional to come and fix it.

Meanwhile, Do not let people into your garage. Pull-on the rubber rope to make it tight. You should also lock your door with a lock if you do not have locking latches in the building. Put bolts onto your door and tighten them up so that people cannot open them.

Call Professional Garage Door Repair Services

If you’ve had a problem with your garage door not closing correctly, then this blog post has the answer. We provided some tips on how to fix any issues that may arise with your garage door opener and its sensors, as well as the tracks and rollers. Don't forget about other parts of the system like the remote or limit screws! You can always call us for help, too, if these fixes aren't solving your problems. Call Concord Garage Door today at 704-438-9600 for more information or assistance in fixing your broken garage door opener.