The Difference Between Torsion and Extension Springs

Posted on May 9, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
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Homeowners know many things about their houses. You might know what a garage door is, but you probably don't know what the springs are for. There are two types of springs that help with how your garage door works. They are called torsion and extension springs. This system uses a counterweight to help the door go up. If the weight is too heavy, you can use a spring to make the door come down.

So if one spring (the other) does the same thing, what is different?

There are two types of springs that professionals use to help the garage door go up. Torsion springs and extension springs are popular choices.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most common and modern spring for garage doors. The size can be calculated based on your weight, height, and how far your door goes up. A torsion spring is a special spring that lifts and lowers the garage door. When you use it, it slides into a channel on the top of the garage door. To lift and lower the door, you wind and unwind these springs in a controlled motion. There are many benefits with this type of spring, including:

  • Torsion springs are more expensive than extension springs. They last longer and have 15,000-20,000 cycles.
  • When you use torsion springs, your door will open and close more smoothly. This means that your garage door opener won't have to work as hard.
  • When your garage's spring breaks, the torsion spring will make a loud sound, but it will stay inside the shaft. If your extension springs snap off, they can cause property damage and injury.

Extension Springs

You can install extension springs on your garage door. This is an older technology, but it is still popular. The extension springs are less expensive than torsion springs, and they are good for small garages. Torsion springs go over the garage door, while extension springs are on the side of the door.

Experts don't like extension springs because they only last 10,000 cycles. They are not as safe as torsion springs and make your house shake. Extension springs are safe. However, safety cables should be installed, and the springs should be maintained.


With so many different options for garage door springs, it can be difficult to determine what you need. Torsion and extension are the two most common types of these springs, but there is a significant difference between them that’s important to understand before purchasing one type or another. If your current spring has failed, give us a call at Concord Garage Doors, and we can help diagnose the problem with you over the phone. Even if you don't have an emergency on hand right now, knowing about this distinction will make it easier for our team to guide you in choosing which option is best suited for your needs when looking at new replacement coils.

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