The Trick to Keeping Your Garage Cool This Summer

Posted on May 5, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
Hot Sun

If you live in Concord, then you're no stranger to hot, dry summer days. One of the last three months always brings us an average temperature over 80 degrees - and there's been plenty of times where it hit 90!

Summer is coming, and many of us will be spending more time in our garages. While you may not mind the heat at your home so long as it's air-conditioned, working in a garage for hours on end can lead to some serious health problems like heat stroke or even death!

If you want to spend more time in your garage or store items that don’t tolerate heat well, try the following tips for keeping it cooler and more comfortable.

Replace Your Old Door

If you've been maintaining your garage doors to keep them in tiptop shape, it's likely they'll last for years before needing replacement but if not, the life expectancy can be as short as 10-15 years! This means that most experts recommend replacing any older than 1992 to get one with new safety features like reinforced frames or energy-efficient motors.

The garage door is a great way to take care of your home and save on energy costs. Not only will insulated doors keep the temperature in your house more comfortable, but a higher R-value means less heat transfer from outside. The perfect option? A high quality composite or vinyl wood door with insulation!

Add More Weather Striping

Install Additional Weather Stripping to help promote a steady temperature in your garage. Proper insulation will do an excellent job keeping hot air out and cold air in during the summer, but if you have any cracks or gaps near doors or windows, then it won't be enough. You want only tightly sealed garages for the best results!

Keep your garage clean and free of debris with weather stripping. By sealing the gaps around your door, you'll keep out drafts that can make it too cold to be in there during the winter months. Additionally, this will also help stop leaves from blowing into all those dusty corners and piles of boxes!

You may need to caulk any seams in your garage that allow the door to open and close. However, be careful not to seal up those joints with a thick layer of paint or caulking since you won't be able to get inside!

Use Lighter Paint Color

The exterior colors that you choose for your home can make or break its resale value. The right shades of cool blues, stone grays, and olive greens can give it a classy look uniformity to the property's environment.

But when opting for dark-colored paints on the outside walls of your house, homeowners will be going against one rule: Darker colors mean higher temperatures during the summertime because they absorb heat from sunlight more efficiently than lighter ones do!


With the summer heat bearing down on us, it’s important to take precautions for our safety. Since garages are not air-conditioned spaces, they can get boiling and uncomfortable in just a few hours. For most people, this means opening their garage door as little as possible or installing an exhaust fan system to keep things cool inside.

If you need help keeping your garage safe from extreme temperatures this season, give Concord Garage Doors a call today! We offer expert service at affordable rates, so there is no reason not to protect your home with one of our services, whether installing new doors or repair work for existing ones.