Things to Avoid when Changing your Garage Door Opener

Posted on April 22, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
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Garage door openers are essential. They let us get in and out of the garage without having to go through the front door. They also protect our homes from intruders because it is hard for them to cross over a barrier that is made by a garage door opener. If you have decided that it is time for a change, you should be careful when choosing which type of opener to install. We will discuss some things that can make this process easier!

below you will find the top thing you need to avoid before you change your garage door opener

Don't buy a garage door opener that is too large for your garage door.

If you are changing the garage door opener, make sure to buy one that will fit. If it is too big for opening your door or won't close due to things in its way, then this can cause increased power consumption and damage around the edges of these doors when they try and open.

Don't buy a new opener until you know what type of garage door you have (up and over, side-hinged).

Many garage doors are very similar, but they have different types of openers, so make sure you know which one yours is before buying a new opener. It will save money and time because it can be returned if not compatible with the type of door or other factors.

Make sure you have enough room to install the new opener and remove the old one.

Measure the area where you will be installing your new opener before purchasing one. Make sure there is enough space to install it and remove the old one if necessary. If not, this can cause a safety issue because removing an opener may require taking out panels or other hardware to get access to screws that are holding it up.

Avoid buying an opener with too many features since it can be confusing to use.

When an older adult or someone with a disability needs to use your door, the opener must be user-friendly. This means having all of its features conveniently in one place on the remote control and being easy for both righties and lefties to operate without accidentally getting their fingers caught between

a closing door.

Get a model with plenty of safety features, like sensors and a backup power supply.

The safety of your family is always a top priority. You can make sure they're safe and sound with the new opener we have on sale now! It has sensors to stop it if someone tries to go underneath or through, but don't worry because you'll still be able to use backup power for when things get rough. This model also features keyless entry so that no one will ever need another set of keys again- not even mommy's purse full of spare ones she never uses anymore!

Check out the opener reviews before making your purchase.

It may seem silly, but it's essential to read reviews before you buy a new garage door opener. The manufacturers have many tricks up their sleeves, and sometimes they'll include features that are not necessary or desirable for your lifestyle. You want the opener to be great overall, so look past all those little details and go with one that has been tried and true by others who've had the same concerns as you do, like garage door height requirements. Do some research on how easy installation is, too- if this isn't something you're good at, then take heed because it can make or break your experience!

Don't assume you can do it yourself.

If you're doing this as a DIY project, it's best to have some help with installation. It cannot be easy getting the garage door opener into place without assistance. If there are any problems during installation, having someone nearby who knows what they're doing is essential for fixing things quickly. Do yourself a favor- don't assume you can do it on your own!

Check the warranty on your old opener before replacing it.

If you're not replacing your opener because it's broken but want to update the look of things in your garage, then take a quick check at the warranty on your old model before buying. If there are any time limits for coverage or replacement (such as if it has malfunctioned within the first year), make sure that this matches up with what's offered by whichever new openers you've selected!

Make sure that your new garage door opener is compatible with your existing wiring.

If your old garage door opener was wired in a way that's not compatible with the new one, you should have it rewired by an electrician or at least someone who knows what they're doing. Otherwise, things could get dangerous, and this can lead to fires!

Avoid having a garage door opener that is too heavy for the door.

If you're looking at two different models and the heavier model has a higher horsepower, then it's probably not for your door. For example, if your door is only rated to handle an opener with up to 100 pounds of force, but one of the display options weighs 200 pounds or more, this will override any safety features built into it and cause damage!

Don't buy an opener that requires you to drill into your ceiling or wall.

If you want to avoid having a nightmare of an installation, then make sure that the opener you're buying has all necessary hardware already included, so there's no need for any drilling. If it requires any mounting holes or screws (to be drilled), at least make sure they come with everything needed for the job!


If you've read the whole post, then congratulations! You now know a lot about garage door openers and how to find one that will work for your needs. If you need any assistance with your new garage door opener installation, or you want to repair your current one, you can call Concord Garage Doors, and we will be happy to assist you.