Tips for Maximizing Garage Storage

Posted on April 22, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
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Garages are often the last place that people want to spend time. They are typically dusty, cluttered, and full of outdated items from previous decades. However, garages make up a lot of space in many homes, and they should not be overlooked as an asset for storage. This blog post will provide tips on how you can maximize your garage storage while also making it more pleasant to visit!

Keep your garage organized.

This will allow you to find items quickly and easily. It also prevents accidents from happening, as people typically don't want to be in a messy and cluttered space.

Ensure everything is labeled or identified so that it can be put back where it belongs when not needed anymore. You should store items according to their use- whether for cars, yard work, hobbies, etc. Things like tools need to have safe storage places near them so that anyone who needs them has access without requiring an extensive search!

Why is it important to keep your garage organized?

It is imperative to keep your garage organized. It can be a lot of work, but it will save you from being frustrated when looking for something specific and finding that it has been lost in a mess.

Store items that are used less frequently in the back of your garage


A great way to store items that are used less frequently and don't need to be accessed every day is in the back of your garage. This will keep them out of sight but still accessible when you need them.

Hang bicycles from hooks or racks on the wall.

One of the best ways to create more space in your garage is by simply hanging bicycles from hooks or on racks. You don't need a fancy bike rack; find something sturdy like a metal coat hook and attach it securely to your wall next to an outlet for charging up those electric bikes.

Hanging bikes vertically helps them take up less space than if they were lying down on their side, which also leaves plenty of room for other items that might be stored inside this small "house."

Install shelving and cabinets for storage


Install shelving and cabinets to maximize your storage space. Shelves are an inexpensive solution for storing items that you don't often use, like garden tools or sports equipment. Install shelves overhead on the garage ceiling and in front of doors to make room inside the door opening so things can be pushed up against it when not in use.

Hang tools from hooks or pegboards.

Install hooks and pegboards for storage on the walls, so you know exactly where your tools are when they're needed. Hang them in an order that makes the most sense to you, but it's always a good idea to hang heavier items like hammers near eye level and lighter items like screwdrivers lower down at kids' height.

Keep Your Garage Door Clean.

Clutter can obscure a clear path to the door. If your garage is used as a storage area, store all items on shelves or in bins that are easy to pull out and put back once you're finished using them. Otherwise, remove everything that isn't needed for day-to-day use from outside the door opening so it doesn't get in the way of going inside when you need something like recycling containers, garden hose, or snow shovels.

Don't forget about entrances: Clear walking paths with surfaces free of dirt and other debris will make getting into and out of your home easier during inclement weather.


Tips for Maximizing Garage Storage by organizing and clearing the path to the door. Clearing walkways of dirt or other debris will make getting into your home easier during inclement weather. Ensure you have a clear way in front of any entrances with surfaces free of dirty or sharp objects that might trip up someone coming inside. And avoid storing items too high near kids' height, so they don't pose an obstruction when walking past them.

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