Why maintaining your garage door is important?

Posted on July 11, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
garage door maintenance

It's easy to neglect the door that you use least, but your garage door can also be a significant safety concern. Read on for more information about how you might not realize just how vulnerable this neglected area is.

The article goes into detail about the importance of maintaining your garage door and why it should never be overlooked as a potential danger zone in your home - even if you don't think there are many ways people could get inside from here!

Many people take their safety for granted simply because they live at an address with strong property security, but that doesn't mean anything when someone who knows where to look has found out all they need to access what's inside.

Write a blog post outline about the importance of garage door maintenance:

What types of things should I look for to make sure my garage door is doing its job?

You might not think it's necessary to inspect the history of your garage door, but a lot can happen in an environment like this.

So if you don't know how much wear and tear is typical for these doors, some tell-tale signs need to be looked at:

  • The tracks that the door operates on should be in good condition. If there is a lot of wear and tear or they're not moving smoothly, you may need help from an expert.
  • It's essential at this point to check the safety sensors. These are fitted around the edges of your garage door frame, so if someone were to try and break in from the side, it would be picked up by these sensors.
  • The springs on your garage door should also be inspected for signs of wear. If you have many gaps between the two tracks and are getting thrown out of alignment, this may need to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • The garage door opener should also be looked at as a potential cause. If you notice it is struggling when trying to open or close the door, it could signify that the motor needs to be inspected.

How often should I maintain my garage door? (Hint: once a year)

The experts recommend that you inspect your garage door at least once a year. This will ensure the safety of your family and pets in case the garage were to malfunction. Checking for any possible damage is also essential because an issue not addressed may lead to more costly repairs down the line.

What happens if I don't take care of it?

If you neglect to maintain your garage door, it can lead to problems. Issues from a lack of maintenance could include:

  • The door may not open at all.
  • Unsafe conditions when the door does work (such as children playing by the opening)
  • Reduced lifespan of parts and extensions in general
  • A damaged door which may need to be replaced
  • Possibility of incurring significant repair costs in the future.
  • Possibility of injury due to improper operation

Maintaining your garage door isn't just about looking after it but also ensuring that it is safe and practical.

Is there anything else you should know about maintaining your garage door?

A garage door is a significant and heavy object. It needs to be serviced by professionals on occasion. They will check for things like bent tracks or excessive rusting, which could lead to problems in the future, as well as lubricate the hinges and rollers of your garage door. This helps them last longer without having any issues that might be caused by mishandling.

The most important thing to remember when maintaining your garage door is that it should be serviced periodically, at least once a year for a residential homeowner and twice a year for commercial garages. This will ensure the longevity of your door and that you do not incur any unnecessary repair costs in the future.


A garage door is an important part of your property. It not only provides security for your belongings, but it also protects the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. That's why it's so important to keep up with maintenance regularly!

If you're unsure about what specific parts or sections need to be inspected, you can always contact a professional for assistance. They will have the knowledge and experience to help review your garage door and identify any potential problems or areas of concern that need to be addressed from an expert opinion.

It's important to remember that preventative measures can also save some money in repair costs down the line.

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