Why Garage Door Sticks in Cold Weather?

Posted on May 24, 2021 By Concord Garage Doors 
garage door in snow

The cold weather is not warming up, and you are ready to head out for work, but your garage door won’t open. Have the same issue?

There may be a few reasons that could explain why this has happened- from issues with low temperatures on your hinges or cables breaking due to aging parts. Luckily, most of these problems can be fixed easily by yourself!

How can winter affect my garage door?

Your garage door may become more susceptible to the cold, so you need to do a check-up regularly.

In the Winter, an unprotected garage door will be affected by forces such as wind and ice. Your doors can warp quite easily during exposure to these elements due to the absence of insulation. The warped surface can lead your door springs to work harder when opening and closing, making it more difficult for a motorized opener.

Eventually, this could cause a breakdown in your gearbox on automatic systems designed with lots of small gears and cogs, leading to higher maintenance costs. Regular maintenance should help keep your springs from breaking prematurely, but beware - most warranties don't cover any damage caused by warpage or corrosion.

What about your garage door opener itself?

A garage door opener will be more challenging to open and close when fighting against these windy, cold elements. Your typical electric motor can work harder in the chilly weather due to a lower power output from its coils. This problem is amplified if your doors are oversized or heavy, as they'll require even more energy than small ones. In extreme cases where an automatic system malfunctions during Winter, you might need assistance opening it manually with extra force - which could strain muscles and cause arm pain without proper precautions such as gloves for protection!

Common Issues With Garage Doors in Cold Weather


If your garage door refuses to open, the first thing you'll need to do before anything else is troubleshot why.

  1. If your garage door will not open while the power is still at work, disconnect and manually raise it. Open up any grease buildup that you may find on the hinges.
  2. If your garage door is difficult to lift manually, it could be a sign of broken springs. When that happens, you'll need the help of an experienced technician for repairs!
  3. If your garage door opens with a hand push without the use of an opener, adjustments to the opener's force setting are likely needed.

Issue #1: Hardened grease

When winter arrives, grease tends to harden and needs special care. Grease solvents work well in colder weather as they can penetrate the hardened oil more efficiently than silicone-based lubricants, which are often used with warmer temperatures. Use a small brush such as a firm bristle toothbrush for working into cracks on door hinges or moving parts of sliding doors where need be while wiping away any leftover solvent to prepare it for applying proper lube later.

Issue #2: Metal contracts

When the weather becomes too cold, metal contracts may cause your springs and other moving parts to seize up. This is where silicone lubricant comes in! If you need a helping hand with this task, Concord Garage Doors can handle it for you.

Issue #3: Misalignment Or Wear tracks

In cold weather, your garage door may not work unless it is due to a warped track. Over time, the rollers may wear down and make a mess of your once-handsomely aligned doors! You will need to call in an expert for either problem because they're not something you should deal with on your own.

issue #4: Frozen Weatherseal

In the winter, snow and rain can collect on the ground near closed garage doors. This water will freeze over time which causes your weather stripping to stick against it as you raise a door with a damaged sealant material. To fix this issue, try brushing away any standing puddles or piles of snow that have been collected nearby for them not to cover your sealing materials after they thaw out again next season when spring arrives!

Issue #5: Broken Springs

One of the essential parts of a garage door system is its springs. These springs are what make your doors so heavy, and without them, you would be stuck with an unusable opening to your home or business for months on end! But it's not just about weight- these lifesaving components will eventually wear out over time, which puts us at risk when they break during winter (the cold can cause sudden failure). So let professional technicians handle this vital part of any repair job and stay warm inside as we'll get that spring replaced before too long.

Prepare your garage door for Winter.

By taking a proactive approach to your garage door and anticipating potential problems, you can save yourself heaps of hassle down the road. Even if it’s not cold enough to start thinking about winter at this stage (December is still well off), making time for maintenance when it's warm outside will ensure that all eventualities are covered - and now is as great a time as any.

Garage door inspection

with a few easy steps, you'll be able to keep an eye on your garage door and make sure it's in the best condition. First of all, stand outside and watch your garage go up and down a couple of times. You should also listen for any sounds it makes as well as monitoring its movement closely- if there are places where the doors seem caught or not working correctly, then make a note of that location so you can investigate further!

A garage door can be inspected by a homeowner easily. But, this is also the perfect time to call in an expert for inspection and necessary repairs if your door appears older or there may be issues with it that you don't know how to fix yourself!

Lubricate Garage Door Parts

Lubricating your garage door is a simple and easy task that even the most novice homeowner can tackle. Spraying lubricant on all of its moving parts will protect them, keep it in good working order, and ensure you never have to worry about opening or closing this essential part of your residence again.

Always remember not to use grease as any residue from such an offering will only make things worse by creating track surfaces sticky while also attracting dust particles which would otherwise be easily cleaned away with just a rag!

Check Door Sealing

Ensuring your garage door is sealed can save you money and keep those pesky cold drafts from sneaking through. Before winter, check the seal around any open doors by standing in front of it at night with a flashlight for about five minutes to see if there are cracks that may be letting light shine through. If so, replace broken or missing sections as soon as possible before air leaks cause more problems!

If you don't take the time to clean your seal around a garage door, dirt and grime will likely build upon its surface, which can block it from fully sealing. This means when winter hits, all of those cold air drafts could find their way into your home more easily! Ensure not to neglect this vital part of maintaining smooth operation for any length of time using a household cleaner.

Organize The Garage

If you’ve been living in the sun all summer long, it might be time to take a look at your garage. Garage doors can get rusty and old over time, making them difficult or impossible to open when they come wintertime – this is especially true if snow piles up near your door! If that sounds like something that may happen where you live (or even want to plan), make sure everything necessary for winter has its place out of the shadows now, so there will be no problem next season.

Contact Concord Garage Doors Form Repair, Replacement, and Installation Services

The fall is a great time to give your garage door some lovin’ and make sure it lasts all winter long. Please don't wait until the temps start dropping because now's the perfect opportunity to get on top of those essential maintenances and repairs before they become an emergency!

Sometimes maintaining your garage door requires more than a little bit of oil or a quick adjustment. When you need an experienced, family-owned and operated company with over 10 years in the industry to provide high-quality service, give Concord Garage Doors call today!